Revelation 3:8 “I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.”

After God has promised us an exceeding glory in 2019, He is saying to us in this wonderful month of February that there is an open door for us to enter into the glory He is promising us. When God says He has opened a door, you need to know which door He has opened for you.

God has opened doors generally, but He is also revealing to you your portion. He is revealing more of Himself to you so that when you enter into your open door, you will be able to apply it effectively for the Kingdom of God and for your generation.

Christ has set before us an open door to demonstrate His unfailing love for us so that unbelievers will see God’s favour and His love for us, and acknowledge that we are indeed serving the Most High God. Then, they will submit to His Lordship. In other words, God is opening doors that will bring souls into His Kingdom.

When God opens a door for us we do not have to fear whether anybody will close the door that God has opened for us unless you do. Sometimes we live in fear of men and of the devil even after the Lord has opened a door for us, we live in constant fear and worry whether the door will be closed again by anyone and we begin to suspect everyone that they might do something harmful to us. God wants us to live in assurance and confidence that the door He has opened for us cannot be closed by anyone.

On the other hand, when the Lord opens a way for us, we should not try to close it. Sometimes the Lord may lead us in a difficult path; at such times we should not try to escape from it. When Jesus faced the cross, He did not run away from it. Jesus was willing to drink the cup which His Father had given Him. He did not call the cross as a cup given by the devil or His enemies, He called it a cup which His Father had given him. He was willing to follow the path in which His Father was leading him. Even in our own lives, we should not try to escape from the path of suffering when the Lord leads us through it. We should not close a door that the Lord has opened for us.

Sometimes, when God wants to do a particular work, He uses your life to get the message across. He is opening doors for you so that through your life, many people can come to the saving knowledge of Christ. It is God that opens the door but the person who can shut it is only you. If you decide to shut the door, God cannot overrule you.

Through disobedience to His will and commandments, we can close the door but my prayer for everyone is that the Lord will grant us the grace to walk in His path holding on to Him at every step of life in Jesus mighty name.

Pastor Onanuga