Psalm 44:26: “Arise, O Lord, help us and redeem us for thy name’s sake”

We cannot win the battles of life by our strengths, skills or strategies alone. (Ps 44:3, TPT) We need God’s strength and help for only by His power can we push back our everything that exert forces against us (Ps 44:5, NLT). Trusting in the arm of flesh will always lead to disgrace and disappointments (Ps 33:17).

Only God can speak for us wherever we have been disenfranchised and plead the right of the defenceless (Proverbs 31:8. TPT). No matter what happens, His desire is to do good to us. He is a righteous God who will defend us by breaking the evil chains preventing us from maximizing our potentials.

God’s help comes on account of His name- not by our merit or works of righteousness. There is a priority on God’s interest over ours as the basis for rising up to help us. Most people fail in life not because they are not strong, clever or skilled but because they do not find the right help at the right time. We need the right kind of help for the right situation.

Seeking help in wrong places will only lead to frustration. To obtain the right help, we need to seek God who never fails. He is the ultimate source of help who is willing and able to deliver. He is a present help that meets and surpasses our needs and expectations.

All that is needed is for us to call on Him for He will not ignore the desperate cry of the helpless. However, those who seek the Lord half-heartedly will find their experience with him to be half-hearted! In as much as you have two eyes and cannot make one to look up and the other to look down, so also, you can never claim to be look unto God when your focus is on man. When you secure God’s help, He will lead you through the original route mapped out for your life and everything you will be miraculously supplied.

God’s help is for those who don’t deserve it but desire it.
The Holy Spirit is our designated helper (John 14:26) and we are to partner with Him in our everyday lives (2Corinthians 1314). Establishing a relationship with the Holy Spirit enables him to fulfil His role as our Counsellor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener and Standby.

As we cry to Him this season the Lord will come to our help and His peace shall envelope us. We shall find the right help that surpasses our expectations and at the right time in Jesus name.

Wole Ashimolowo