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The Wonders of His Voice

by Pastor Edmund Abekhe
The Wonders of His Voice - RCCG Potter's House Edinburgh

The Wonders of His Voice – Rev. 1:10 The voice of God Almighty is one thing every true believer should desire to hear on a daily basis. You do not want to hear the voice of God once and not hear it again; you do not want to only hear HIS voice periodically; more importantly, […]

The Key to Answered Prayers

by Pastor Edmund Abekhe
June, month of answered prayers -

“Little children, we must stop expressing love merely by our words and manner of speech; we must love also in action and in truth. This is how we will know that we belong to the truth and how we will be able to keep ourselves strong in his presence. If our hearts condemn us, God […]

The Month Of Sunshine

by Pastor Edmund Abekhe

For the LORD will be your Everlasting Light – Isa. 60:19-20 Welcome once again to 2013. Aside from the word the Lord has given us for the year, HE has also said that this first month of year 2013 will be the MONTH OF SUNSHINE. Now what does this really mean? Let us try to […]

Divine Visitation

by Pastor Edmund Abekhe
Divine Visitation - The Potter's House Edinburgh

In the International Standard Version of the Holy Bible, Exo 3:7-8 is translated thus: “The LORD said, “I have certainly seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and I have heard their cry caused by their slave masters. I really do understand their pain, so I have come down to deliver them […]