Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice.”

The three distinguishing marks of every child of God are joy, peace, and righteousness. To rejoice is to have a repeated experience of joy. The joy of the Lord is one of our potent weapons against the enemy. You have to note that the command here is to rejoice in the Lord and not in yourself. You may be going through challenges and pain but you are commanded to rejoice in the Lord not in yourself.

One way to activate joy in your heart is to practice the presence of God keeping your mind stayed on the promises. When you fill your mind with God and His Word, He becomes so real to you. You experience His presence and power in your life, which in turns fills you with joy and peace.

What this joy of the Lord does is prepare you for any attack on your life that Satan might devise. This joy becomes your strength to overcome all the challenges that will confront you throughout the day. Sometimes you don’t feel like rejoicing but the Word of God is encouraging us to rejoice despite all. God encourages us to forget the past and focus our minds on what He is going to do for and with our lives because His thoughts are not our thoughts neither His ways are our ways, moreover, His thoughts to us are of good not of evil to give us hope and future.

You must stop entangling your mind with unpleasant situations which Satan loves to put before mind’s eye to take away your joy. To have joy and to rejoice must become a goal each day. You must make a quality decision every morning to rejoice in the Lord.

You must put behind you all the failures and disappointments of the past and look forward with thanksgiving as we were admonished last month to bring our requests to the Lord with thanksgiving, and begin to be joyous in anticipation of the blessings and pleasant opportunities that lie ahead.

Beloved, henceforth, let’s take a firm decision to make the joy of the Lord your strength. Some of us complain about everything. The weather is too hot; it is too cold; the job is too hard; there is no job; the pay is too low; the holiday is too short etc. And what we think about others is not fit to print.

Today take a positive stand and start rejoicing, think on the things that are noble and of worthy values. “Rejoice always and again I say rejoice” and it shall be well with you. This is one of the rules for Christian living and we ought to abide with and in it if we want to please our God and Lord.

The peace of God be with you as you take an attitude of rejoicing in Jesus name.


Yemisi Onanuga.