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Overflowing Greatness – Gen 26:13-14

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To be great means “expressing a large, extensive or unusual degree of anything” – for instance ‘great wealth; great power; great influence; great territory and more’. Greatness on the other hand, can loosely be described as the magnification of anything that is already great. So when the Lord says someone will overflow in greatness this […]

The Wonders of Divine Strength

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October Month of Divine Strength

The Wonders of Divine Strength – Isa. 41:10 Strength can be defined as “Support; or that which supports; that which supplies strength; security”; it can also mean “Firmness; solidity or toughness.” Strengthen on the other hand, means: “To make strong or stronger; to add strength to (as to strengthen weary hands or feeble knees); to […]