2 Timothy 2:21 “If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

All of God’s people are a vessel of some kind. We are either a vessel that brings honour to Him, or we are a vessel that dishonours His name. Which kind of vessel are you? Paul teaches us what God expects of each of us in his instructions to Timothy, a young minister of the Lord. We need to apply this teaching to our lives to help us become a vessel for God’s use.

Godlessness and worldliness were invading the church then as it is today. If the church failed to fulfill its purpose, God’s truth would cease to go out into the world. The church would fail if its leaders failed to expound God’s truth to the saints in the church. Consequently Paul wrote this letter to encourage Timothy to fulfill his responsibility as a leader in the church. This epistle, therefore, is particularly for church leaders and deals mainly with their duties.

In pursuing God’s noble purpose it requires three things; first, because God is Holy we need to be holy in order to be an instrument and useful to the Master work, second, we need to be obedient to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, and lastly patience is required in order to be kind to everyone. Thus, be sanctified and proper to be employed by the Master in every good word and work.

If you want to be a vessel unto honour in the Hands of God, you want God to use you, your time will no longer be your own, you will no longer be able to sit down and enjoy comfort as you used to enjoy because God will have to display you and use you as He wills. It is important to know that anybody who desires can become a vessel unto honour in his or her time and that vessels unto honour are people who are consecrated, sanctified and determined to please God in their lives.

I want to be a vessel God can use. Don’t you? The more you know Jesus Christ, the more your life should reflect Christ-like things in your life. God desires to cleanse us and make us clean vessels. What type of instrument will you become?

Beloved, the choice is yours. Will you allow God to put you into the fire to burn away the imperfection so that you can be “made holy? Will you allow Him the opportunity to reshape you and prepare you to be an instrument to “do any good thing” for His honour and glory?

Being a vessel unto honour makes individuals to consecrate their lives unto God, you can be a vessel unto honour if you decide from today to surrender your life to Jesus, walk in His way and obey Him.

Pastor Yemisi - RCCG Potter's House Edinburgh - http://rccgpottershouseed.org.uk

Pastor Yemisi