• on October 17, 2018

An Open Door Before You

Revelation 3:8 “I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.” The God we serve is a God who opens doors for us and when He opens a door no man can shut it, and so as He has lifted us He is promising us this month an open door to His plan and purpose for our lives which is better and greater than our thought. We may try to open doors in our own strength and fail because they are too strong for us. Sometimes we may succeed in opening a door in our own strength only to find that somebody has closed it again. When we face such situations we should allow the Lord to open these doors. His mighty strength and power will open doors so that no one can shut them again. He will go before us and break down every hindrance and break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. We should not struggle in vain in our own strength against these strong barriers, but instead allow the Lord to open the doors for us. The doors that the Lord opens for us cannot be used by our enemies. The way of escape for us will become a way of destruction for our enemies in Jesus name. When God opens a door for us we do not have to fear whether anybody will close the door that God has opened for us unless you do. Sometimes we live in fear of men and of the devil even after the Lord has opened a door for us, we live in constant fear and worry whether the door will be closed again by anyone and we begin to suspect everyone that they might do something harmful to us. God wants us to live in assurance and confidence that the door He has opened for us cannot be closed by anyone. Remember, He has not given us the spirit to fear but the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. On the other hand when the Lord opens a way for us, we should not try to close it. Sometimes the Lord may lead us in a difficult path; at such times we should not try to escape from it. When Jesus faced the cross, He did not run away from it. Jesus was willing to drink the cup which His Father had given Him. He did not call the cross as a cup given by the devil or His enemies, He called it a cup which His Father had given him. He was willing to follow the path in which His Father was leading him. Even in our own lives we should not try to escape from the path of suffering when the Lord leads us through it. We should not close a door that the Lord has opened for us. Through disobedience to His will and commandments, we can close the door but my prayer for everyone is that the Lord will grant us the grace to walk in His path holding on to Him at every step of life in Jesus mighty name. Extracts from: Dr. Stanley Vasu’s sermon.

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