• on October 19, 2018

Arise and Shine

“Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” The Lord wants us to ‘arise and shine’ in this month of August in the year of overflow. God is never pleased when His children are stagnant and are not making progress. His will for everyone that believes in Him is to rise and make progress in every facet of their lives. Is there any dead situation in your life? God has a plan to raise you up from you up from the state of spiritual death, and anything that is dead in your body or your life can be raised back to life by the power of His Spirit. I prophesy after the order of Ezekiel that the power of the Holy Ghost come upon you and raise up to life whatsoever is dead in your body in Jesus name. Is there anyone in a confused situation? God is telling you today to arise from the state of your confusion and receive divine leading and direction in Jesus name. It is the devil that will want to keep you in confusion, because a confused soul is a captured soul, but God says to you ‘arise and shine’. Are you just among the numbers in the church? Whenever one is idle and doing nothing profitable to the Lord and His kingdom, he or she is living below the purpose of God for his or her life. There is something you can do for the Lord, stop sitting idle in the church, discover a need and make yourself available for it as you depend on the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. Are you fearful? Most people God called for any specific assignment in the Bible were usually fearful and reluctant in the first instance, but through the help of God and His encouragement, they were able to do great exploits for the Lord that they could not imagine they could do. God is saying to you to drop your fear and break up your reluctances so that you can rise up to do whatsoever He has called you to do. You are not going to do it by your wisdom or strength, but by those of His. The Church of today is in a sleeping situation, thus the Lord wants us to arise and shine forth His glory. We need heaven sent revival upon the church today so that we can rise to the task of the kingdom and be effective and victorious over the kingdom of darkness. Brethren, God is saying to us this month to arise from whatever situation to a greater height where we begin to shine, fulfill His purposes for our life and enjoy His blessings to the fullest.

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