• on October 17, 2018

Come Unto Me

Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” We thank God for giving us the privilege and opportunity to witness a new month, a month that He is reminding us about His great invitation to all. The Lifter of our heads opened the doors of greatness to us and now He is inviting us to come to Him so as to experience the benefits of His opening doors. This one Scripture alone could answer all the problems in the world. It would solve the failures in the life of every person who turns back from following God. Coming to the Lord will bring victory in any person’s life. This is the loving Saviour speaking to each of us present today; He beckons us to “Come” to Him. This great and wonderful invitation is issued first of all to those who are labouring and are heavy laden under the load of sin. When there is unrepentant, unconfessed sin in our lives, it will take a toll on us and weight us down. The invitation is to come and the promise is “I (Jesus Christ) will give you rest.” That is, that burden of sin that you are carrying in your life, “I will forgive you, I will cleanse you, I will lift it from you, I will cast it into the sea of forgetfulness, never to be remembered again.” “I will lift from you so that you can rest from that burden of sin in your life. “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Many times in the church, we complain because we do not want to do what we feel that God is calling us to do. May I remind you that when we become obedient to His yoke, His word to us, it is much lighter; it is much easier than the burden of sin It is an invitation for rest, freedom from all the cares of the world that surround a person who is trying to live for Christ. Accepting the invitation indicates a move toward the Lord. You are coming to where He is or where He wants you to be. There is no stipulation as to who can come, anyone may come; it is an open invitation to all, the wealthy, the poor, the famous, and the peasant. May I ask you what it is that weights you down today? Perhaps you have professed faith in Christ, but there are some things that have set you off course. It is time to take it off. For those who are still contemplating, may I encourage you not to delay in accepting this awesome invitation? Congratulations as we celebrate the last quarter of the year of new songs, I hope you have started singing new songs but if not, do not fret the Lord has not forgotten you and this is why He is beckoning on you this season. You shall testify and sing a new song before the year ends in Jesus mighty name. Shalom. Yemisi Onanuga.

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