• on October 17, 2018

Divine Visitation

Psalm 106:4 “Remember me, O Lord, with the favour You have toward Your people. Oh, visit me with Your salvation.” Throughout the Bible, we see many times when Almighty God reveals Himself. Such a visitation brings change, whether a person is ready or not. The secret is being as prepared as possible for a divine visitation from the Lord. We all need visits in our lives. All of us find ourselves in need of expertise, confrontation, encouragement, or perspective that we will only find if someone visits us with the resources we need. Our lives come unraveled and veer off course. We need God’s expertise and resources. A divine visitation is the sovereign God of the universe breaking into history to change the destinies of people by reversing the irreversible. God breaks into our lives divinely to offer us the provisions for success, and with the purpose of purifying our faith. He could also come to bring judgment to those who go against Him. It is always a great honour for a human being to play host to the Almighty God, it is the desire of God to visit His children every now and then. This visitation always changes the destiny of the person or nation, whether they are ready for it or not. In fact, very few people are ready for a visitation from God. Many people doubt that God has anything to do with humans. They argue that God created the universe, wound it up like a giant alarm clock, and then let it go, with no intention of interacting with it again. Other people are too busy for a visit from God. They have their list of things to accomplish, and they have their ladders to climb; they simply have no interest in God’s breaking into their plans. Still others are afraid of a visit from God. God is still in the business of visiting people, blessing and changing their eternal destiny. I urge you to simply open your heart and be courageous enough to ask for a visit from God. Tell Him about your struggle, and ask Him to bless you and change your destiny. The first visit God wants each person to consider is His visit to offer forgiveness of sins and eternal life. We are separated from God, and there is no way for us to restore our relationship with him. Fortunately, Jesus died a sacrificial death in order to pay for our sin. He invites you to place your trust in Christ and receive His forgiveness, so that you may experience eternal life with God. After He offers us eternal life, God visits us to demand our additional response to Him. He may call us to greater obedience, greater sacrifice, and greater Christ likeness. You will know what He asks of you when God pays you a visit. The question is how do you plan to respond to that visit? But a divine visitation of God’s glory is not about a feeling. It involves an encounter with the very presence of the living God. The moment God’s presence touches your life, the dry, parched ground of your wilderness blossoms and you become fruitful. Pastor Yemisi Pastor Yemisi, RCCG Potter’s House Edinburgh  

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