• on October 17, 2018

Occupy Till I Come

Luke 19:13 “…Occupy Till I Come” You may think of the word occupy in several different ways. If someone told you to occupy their house, that would mean a slightly different thing from what it would mean if some good friend of yours had a large business operation or a large estate somewhere and they turned it over to you and said, “Occupy till I come.” In the case of just a house, about all it would mean for you to occupy till he came again would be just to stay there in his house or to live in his house and take reasonable care of it. But in the case of the large estate or in the case of a large business operation that some special friend turned over to you to operate or to take care of and said, “Occupy till I come,” it would mean a lot more than just sitting there taking care of the business and seeing that no one carried it off. It would mean a lot more than just staying there. Well, that’s what we need to recognize about this business of “occupy till I come,” in the work of the Lord. It means a more than just sit here and be faithful to His Word until He comes. It means, go out and reproduce, go out and grow, go out and do something about it. Jesus has entrusted us with much as His servants. We know salvation and freedom from sin; we know the power of His word to change lives. We know the truth of the Gospel and the eternal hope that if brings. We possess all these valuable things and more yet what are we doing with them? Have we taken the time to invest ourselves in Gods Kingdom? Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Are we busy building for the Kingdom on earth or are we like the third servant burying what little we have in the hope that it is enough. We are to be busy with the things of God. We are to build on our numbers as Christians and grow the kingdom. I know it might be a very difficult task these days because many are turning away from the truth of the Gospel. Will you have kept busy winning souls and living for Him or will you grow tired and weary and just hold to the little you have? Press on; keep up the fight for winning souls at home, at work and on vacation building His kingdom on earth until He return to reign over it. We all have our God given place and so where ever we find ourselves, be it as a business man, pastor, teacher, student, homemaker, etc, let us occupy till He comes. Every day, let us make our prime purpose in living to glorify Christ and to witness to others about Jesus. Pastor Yemisi - RCCG Potter's House Edinburgh - http://rccgpottershouseed.org.uk Pastor Yemisi Onanuga

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