• on October 17, 2018

Remember Me Oh Lord

“Remember me, O Lord, with the favour You have toward Your people. Oh, visit me with Your salvation,” – Psalm 106:4 Have you ever thought you have been forgotten by God? Does God forget? Can He really forget us? Can He get so involved in other things that we are blocked from His view? Can He drop us from His memory banks? Dear friend, I want to assure you that God has not and will not. God never forgets, his capacity to know and remember is beyond human comprehension, there is no searching of his understanding. God has chosen to remember you and your household this month for pleasant surprises. People that promised to help you may have forgotten you. They promised you promotion but they reneged on their promises. You did well unto them and they are paying you back with evil. They have taking from you forcefully what is rightfully yours. The thief may have stolen your joy, peace, belongings, blessings, etc. Your rewards may have been withheld back. You worked and you were not paid. Your birthright may have been taken away and your inheritances given to another. They may have substituted your original blessings for counterfeit. But God is promising to remember you and turn situation around for your good in Jesus name. When the time of Joseph came in Genesis 41, God caused the king (Pharaoh) to dream a dream that no one could interpret until Joseph was called out of the prison and his story turned around; your story will turn around this month for God’s glory. God will move the heavens on your behalf and helpers will come your way. Mordecai was long time forgotten for the good he did in saving the king’s life by revealing the plot of those who were planning to execute the king in the book of Esther; but a night came when God caused the king to open the book of remembrance and he remembered that Mordecai was yet to be rewarded. I prophesy to you that this month, a book of remembrance shall be opened on your behalf in Jesus name. No matter how terrible your situation may be, since you are still breathing there is hope for you and the Lord will remember you and restore your lost glory. The Lord will single you out for remembrance this month. What the enemy meant for evil will turn around for your good. For demotion, receive promotion. For failure, receive success. For regret, receive greatness. For death, receive life. For failure, receive success. For breakdown, receive breakthrough. For barrenness, receive fruitfulness. For sickness, receive healing. And for damnation, receive salvation and redemption through Christ Jesus. It is your season of remembrance; God will remember you and your household in Jesus mighty name.

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