Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”

The name of the lord is a name above every name. It is a refuge for us to run into and be safe from all the attacks that come against us. The Name of the Lord is our divine protection and we need Him at all times.

When you are afraid, what kind of a tower do you want for protection and safety? The Lord is a strong tower in fearful times. You can run into it and be safe, whenever you need it. Nothing can breach it. His name is the Lord, and there is no other place for such protection from danger.

If we were caught out in a storm and only have a flimsy umbrella, the wind and force of the storm would rip it right out of our hands, but if we see a tower in the distance, we could run into it and be safe from the wind and rain or whatever might come crashing down on us. The Name of the Lord is strong against storms that would try to uproot us. The Name of the Lord is secure. We are protected from harm and harassment of the enemy.

Why continue to be fearful if we have a strong refuge in His Name? Getting to His protection should be primary on our mind that we would run to the Lord rather than walk as if we had all day. Jump in the strong tower of His Name and lock the doors where nothing can get to you. Stand on the promises He gives and don’t hesitate to believe it.

Focus on His Name and the meaning behind that Name so powerful that every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Beloved, it is most true that salvation is of the Lord, and whosoever shall look out of self and look to Christ only, shall find Him to be a strong tower, he may run into his Lord and be safe.

While God might not always take us out of the difficult situation we are in, or give us everything we ask for when we want it, we can trust in the name of the Lord and know that we are in the good and loving hands of our Father, God Almighty. The Lord is our strong tower. He is our all-powerful, all-sufficient God. There is only one name we can trust above all others and it is the name of the Lord God Almighty.

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