• on October 19, 2018

The Lifter Of My Head

Psalm 3:3 “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and the One who lifts up my head.” At a time of great despair, distress, discouragement and danger, David praised God with the words, “But You, O Lord, art a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head.” No matter the severity of the adversity you may be passing through, the Lord is available to be your shield and the elevator of your downcast emotions. Know that no one is immune from adversity, hardship or attack from our enemies. When we know that there will be opposition we can more effectively prepare for it in advance. Praise God that He is our lifter, our liberator and the one who buoys our mind, heart, and motivations. The head is naturally bowed down in time of trouble.  For God to be “the lifter of your head” means that He will bring you out of that time of trouble, so that you are no longer bowing your head in misery and pain, because He has lifted your head!  David wrote this Psalm when his son Absalom rebelled against him and turned the people of Israel against him.  He had to flee Jerusalem with little more than the clothes on his back. He bowed his head in weeping and crying and grief.  That is our natural stance when we are in dire straits: our heads are lowered and bowed.  But when we get good news, and come out of a time of trouble, our heads are lifted up, and we begin to rejoice again. God is reminding some people today that you need to be looking to Him for your deliverance.  Some are looking all around for who can help them with a specific situation they have.  I am not saying that God is not going to use one or more people to help you, because God does use people but don’t look to people for your ultimate help, look to God. Maybe you are in a particular situation, and you have thought: “So-and-so is going to help me.  They are going to get me out of this.”  And you felt really good and confident about that but you have found out or you are about to find out that “so-and-so” is not going to be able to help you after all. Look to God, HE will be “the lifter of your head.”  He will be your deliverer, He is the one who will help you in your situation and turn your sorrow into joy.  God must be “the lifter of your head” not only for specific earthly trials, but for our ultimate salvation and that is by far the most important thing.  Whatever earthly trial or difficulty we face, it will be relatively short-lived. The vital thing we need to know is that God is the deliverer of our soul. Welcome to the month of August, it is number 8 thus a new beginning and so the Lord will lift you into a brighter season in Jesus mighty name. Shalom.

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